Booking terms and cancellations

Booking terms and cancellations

Thank you for your reservation. Welcome to your holiday at Kolin Kangastus! 

Kolin Kangastus observes the following terms and conditions in the booking and cancellation of its holiday cabins:

These terms become legally binding for both parties when the customer has paid a pre-payment for the holiday cabin they have booked, or has paid the pre-payment and the final payment at the same time. The pre-payment and final payment must be paid by the due dates specified on the invoice. 

If the customer has to cancel their booking, this shall be made in writing to Kolin Kangastus. The non-payment of the pre-payment or final payment does not automatically constitute the cancellation of a booking, and it does not release the person from these cancellation terms.

If the booking is made more than 6 weeks before the rental period, the customer shall be sent an invoice in two parts: a pre-payment of 30% and a final invoice of 70% of the total rent  (due date 21 days before the start of the holiday). In case of last-minute bookings (less than 6 weeks before the start of the accommodation period) all payments shall be payable immediately. If the invoice is not paid by the due date, Kolin Kangastus reserves the right to cancel the booking.

The person making the booking must be at least 18 years of age.


A cancellation must always be made in writing (email). Kolin Kangastus shall confirm the receipt of the cancellation by replying to the customer’s message. The cancellation is considered to have taken place at the moment notification of the cancellation has reached Kolin Kangastus. If the customer proves that the cancellation has been made and sent to the correct address at the correct time, the cancellation shall be accepted even if it is received late or it isn’t received at all. The pre-payment shall be retained for the cancellation of a booking If the cancellation of the booking is made later than 21 days before the start of the holiday, the price of the entire holiday shall be charged. If the cancellation takes place during the holiday, the payment made by the customer shall not be refunded.


In case of a force majeure, we reserve the right to terminate an agreement. In this case, the customer has the right to a full refund from Kolin Kangastus for the of the total paid rent.


The Customer is responsible for compensating any damages caused to the holiday accommodation or its chattels.


The holiday destination may be used by no more people than the amount specified in the holiday destination’s description as a number of beds or what has been agreed at the time of booking the holiday destination. 


All observations and complaints concerning the accommodation’s equipment and condition must be addressed directly to the owner as soon as they are observed. Any complaints that are made retrospectively shall not be considered. 


The key will be available on the arrival date at 4 pm and it must be returned on the departure date by 12 pm unless otherwise agreed.

The customer is responsible for replacing lost keys to the holiday accommodation. The customer is responsible for the costs caused by the installation of new locks and cutting of keys.

Smoking is prohibited in the indoor areas of the entire holiday home. The holiday home must be left in a tidy condition upon departure. The customer is responsible for cleaning the holiday home during the holiday
and at the end of the holiday unless the final cleaning has been paid in advance. The customer is obliged to pay for the costs resulting from the cleaning of the holiday home if people have smoked in the indoor areas of the holiday home or the cleaning has not been carried out or it has been carried out insufficiently.

The contractual parties aim to settle any disputes caused by the agreement by means of mutual negotiations. If negotiations do not lead to an agreement, disputes shall be settled through court at the district court, which handles disputes concerning agreements concluded in the region. 

Right to price changes
Kolin Kangastus reserves the right to adjust any errors in the online store’s price details before the conclusion of an agreement. After concluding an agreement, Kolin Kangastus has the right to raise or accordingly the obligation to lower the agreed price, if the taxes or public payments affecting the holiday service's price change.

Exception to the terms: In case of any travel restrictions in Finland resulting from the prevailing COVID-19 situation 
we shall refund any paid rent payments.